Serving Together Strengthens Our Mission and Values

June 11, 2019

Our company values include caring and a sense of social responsibility. It’s one of the reasons we volunteer together several times each year. But there is more to it.

Bedded Pack Barns: Cow Comfort and Compost Pack

April 10, 2019

An article in Cowsmopolitan Magazine—yes you read that right—talks about the benefits of bedded pack barns and cow health, and also explains the difference between a deep bedded pack (DBP) and compost bedded pack (CBP) system. …

Mulch Season Success Starts with Great Equipment

March 18, 2019

Have you ever noticed that you’re more loyal to brands that offer great customer service and also meet your company needs? As we move into our busiest mulch season, we know that our success depends on the…

Company Culture and Mission

March 1, 2019

There are many great reasons for why a company focuses on culture, but here are three that are important to us: 1.   Other-Centered Environment  –  Hay Creek Companies is more than a business; we…

Wood Packaging Industry Supports 173,000 Jobs, $31 Billion for Economy

February 1, 2019

A recent study from The National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) found that the wooden pallet and container manufacturing industry has a direct or indirect impact on more than 173,000 jobs and generates a…

Q&A About Hay Creek Companies Hardwood Mulch

December 17, 2018

Q: Is there pine or softwood in the landscape mulch? A: No. Our mulch is 100% virgin hardwood. Our mulch is also double shredded, which helps mitigate displacement from wash out or high winds. Q:…

FAQs About Wood Pellets

December 11, 2018

Q: How long does one bag of pellets burn? A: According to the Pellet Fuels Institute, a 40-lb bag of pellet fuel can provide up to 24 hours of solid heat. A winter’s supply of wood…

A Challenge to Make a Difference – From Tom Gardner

November 25, 2018

A few weeks ago, our company President, Tom Gardner, spent two weeks in India. This was his sixth trip to India to visit orphans and widows who are served by Don Shire Ministries. While there,…

Our Thankful List

November 22, 2018

This is the time of year when we have the opportunity to pause for a moment of gratitude. We have a lot to be thankful for, but here are a few things at the top…

Hay Creek Mulch, a Quality Landscaping and Gardening Product

November 10, 2018

If you’re wondering what makes Hay Creek wood mulch stand out above the rest, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider becoming one of our mulch distributors: Made on site with…