Company Culture and Mission

There are many great reasons for why a company focuses on culture, but here are three that are important to us:

1.   Other-Centered Environment  –  Hay Creek Companies is more than a business; we are a ministry, both for our employees and for our community. This means we strive toward being other-centered, rather than self-centered. We feature photos and stories about the ministries we support, not so we can call attention to ourselves or to boast about what our team does, but because we want to inspire others to live an other-centered life patterned after the life of Jesus.

Our Caring Team exists because we want to grow a work environment where people look for ways to love each other with kindness, and to watch for examples of this in their fellow team members. 

2.   Peace at Work and Peace at Home – We know that each person who works on our team and each customer who we connect with every day has a life outside of Hay Creek Companies. Unnecessary stress at work doesn’t stay at work. People take it home with them at the end of the day, and we want to reverse that. Ultimately, we want to provide an environment where someone can reach out and ask for help if they need it, to find a mentor or someone to talk to, and a place where they can build leadership skills that go beyond the workplace. 

By having a corporate chaplain available, as well as team members and leaders who want to help others with personal development, our hope is that their families will be positively affected because of being part of the Hay Creek Companies team. 

3.   A Greater Purpose  –  By having a greater purpose than making money, and by helping everyone on our team understand our purpose, it brings meaning to our work. When the goal is to make a difference in the world rather than making ourselves rich, it changes our “ why.”  

We have no ulterior motive in how we develop our culture. We are quite open about it. Our core leadership simply knows the contentment and joy that comes from living a life centered around biblical principles, and they make themselves available for others who want to know more about it. We invite others to explore, ask questions, and decide for themselves what they think about Jesus.

Making a Marketplace Impact

We are part of the C12 Group, and an article on the C12 blog explains more about company culture and how another business has seen this same concept at work. Consider this. “Which has a greater impact? Our companies on the culture, or the culture on our companies? As Christian business owners and CEOs, we have a great responsibility to lead our companies in such a way that points people to Jesus. While it’s easier to abdicate responsibility to the church, consider the following: God’s first-century mission cohort was comprised of working people — tradesmen, tax collectors, fishermen, and merchants. They were marketplace people, just like us.”

We take this responsibility seriously. And we’re grateful for every person on our team, whether they align with our beliefs or not. People matter. Period.