Essential Link in the Global Supply Chain During Covid-19: Wooden Pallets

As a pallet manufacturer and supplier, we are named as an essential business during the "Safer at Home" order in our state during Covid-19 protection. Pallets are vital to the supply chain in getting products back to stores and in moving critical items such as food, water, medical supplies, paper goods, and more to where they are most needed.

According to an article from Pallet Central, "At the federal level, the Department of Homeland Security has recognized manufacturers and distributors of packaging materials, pallets, crates, containers, and other supplies as 'Essential Critical Infrastructure.'"

During this season, we're grateful to know we're doing something to make a difference, knowing that our products help to move supplies to critical areas of need around the state and across the US. Our link in the chain is part of a larger global chain of supply and logistics. Stories continue to pour into the news of companies that have set aside their normal manufacturing operations to manufacture masks, gowns, ventilators, testing supplies and more. We are proud of our brothers and sisters in manufacturing and grateful for the opportunity to be part of getting those supplies to where they are needed.

In a letter from Brent J. McClendon, NWPCA President/CEO, he said, "Of all shipments of products in the United States, 93% are shipped on a pallet. There are 2 billion pallets in circulation in the US at any given time. Without this critical piece of shipping and transportation of goods, commerce would soon come to a halt. Further, wooden pallets and containers will be a key component in the recovery of our country after this crisis passes."

McClendon goes on to say, "Businesses that manufacture and repair wooden pallets and containers are essential to maintaining critical operations and the flow of commerce."

While working to supply the need for pallets, we also keep the wellbeing of our employees in mind and practice the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control for work environments. We want to say thank you to our dedicated team who is working hard to meet the demand for pallets in the logistics industry. We are grateful for their efficient work and commitment to excellence.