How should you store your pellets at home?

Now is the time when people begin to think about stocking up on pellets for the cold weather season. But how should you store them when you bring them home?

All wood pellets manufactured at Hay Creek Companies meet strict ash content, moisture content, heat output, and quality standards, and we want our customers to experience the best quality heat once they take our products home. 

In Wisconsin, we have a lot of humidity during some seasons, and storing pellets improperly can contribute to less than optimal burning results.

According to the University of Maine Extension, “The Analytical Laboratory at the University of Maine has been testing pellets from a number of manufacturers from different seasons… They found that the moisture level at the plant is about 6%. An open bag of pellets left outside can have a moisture level of 12%. Unopened bags of pellets stored on a concrete slab will experience increased levels of moisture—up to 20%—in the pellets closest to the slab. At this level, mold can start to grow and cause air quality problems in the home. Placing bags on pallets to get them off the floor will alleviate this problem.”

Find a dry area free from flooding, mold, and excessive humidity to store that ton of Hay Creek Companies premium wood fuel pellets you just stocked up on, and be sure to keep them off the floor. If you’ve transported them home from your local supplier and you’ll need unload them by hand, have an extra pallet on hand to stack bags on.