Pallets Are the Foundation for the Chain of Supply

When you walk into a warehouse full of product, most people don’t notice the pallets holding that product. But without them, the chain of supply would be broken. As a wood pallet manufacturer, we create the pallets that provide the foundation for companies to ship their products all over the world. 

“Pallets are so common they’re practically invisible, yet without them, global commerce would run as well as a car without tires.” (from Inbound Logistics)

Our goal is to support the companies that specialize in the shipping and logistics chain of supply. As a pallet manufacturer in Wisconsin that has our own fleet of trucks, we ship new or remanufactured pallets all over the state. Hay Creek Companies also manufactures shipping crates.

If you’re looking to purchase wooden pallets in bulk Hay Creek Companies can supply you with the wood pallets your business needs. New or reconditioned, our pallets are built from quality materials with precision workmanship. We ensure that every pallet is up to our standards and provides value to your business. 

The Benefits of Wood Pallets

Renewable Materials

Wood is a renewable resource, and harvesting the right trees can help with prevention of forest fires. Once the pallet is no longer useful for shipping, we recycle the wood into landscaping mulch, animal bedding, and wood pellets (bioenergy). Plus, you can save money by purchasing reconditioned pallets at a fraction of the cost of new pallets. And, it’s beneficial for the environment to use those remanufactured and reconditioned pallets again. 

Excellent Load Stability

Wood pallets are sturdy for transportation of heavy loads, from the trucking process to warehousing and distribution. 

International Shipping or Food Industry

We offer heat treating on site. If you plan to ship to countries that are part of the UN, you’ll need certified heat-treated pallets. Following the heat treatment standards of the ISPM 15, which governs the appropriate processes to fumigate wood pallets, boxes and crates, we bring the pallet’s wood core temperature to 56° Celsius (or 132.8° Fahrenheit) for at least 30 minutes.

Custom Design

With the computer technology we have, and the ability to hand-build pallets as well, we can custom design what you need and deliver a product specific for your shipping needs. Let us put innovation to work for you!

Contact Hay Creek Companies for a custom quote for your pallet and crate needs.