Reconditioned and Combo Pallets Provide Cost-Effective Solutions

In a time when lumber costs have increased and availability has decreased, it can cause some professionals in the shipping and logistics industry a bit of angst. Why? Because it raises the cost of their shipping containers and wood packaging, including the pallets that make up the bulk of their means of storing and transporting goods. Ultimately, it increases their cost of doing business.

One way that we’re able to help customers is by providing combo and remanufactured pallets. When a combination of new stringers and used deck boards are used, or vice versa, the pallet is known as a combo.

Remanufactured pallets are custom-made pallets with wood from other pallets that have been taken apart and salvaged. A remanufactured pallet is created we build a pallet to your specifications and configuration, using reclaimed components dismantled from used pallets. This is not to be confused with a recycled unit, which is inspected and repaired as needed and then used again in its original configuration.

On a side note, you may wonder what a reconditioned pallet is then. These are pallets that have been reconditioned to look like a brand new pallet after they have been repaired or rebuilt. 

Our used pallet cores are inspected and repaired on our assembly line using the latest equipment available in the industry, making the refurbishing process as fast and efficient as possible. Our team takes pride in their workmanship by paying attention to detail to ensure a high-quality product.

Not only are these options all helpful for saving on cost, they are also all helpful for the environment. By reusing wood, we’re cutting down on the need for new lumber, and also keeping broken pallets out of landfills or burn piles. 

Once we get all the use we can from reclaimed wood, anything that can no longer be used for a pallet is used for the production of wood fuel pellets or animal bedding. 

If you’re looking for a pallet source with many options on pricing, materials, and configuration we’re here to meet your needs! We’re in central Wisconsin and have our own fleet of trucks going out all over the state of Wisconsin each day.