Serving Together Strengthens Our Mission and Values

Our company values include caring and a sense of social responsibility. It’s one of the reasons we volunteer together several times each year. But there is more to it. First, studies have shown that people want to volunteer more. It’s optional for our team members, yet many choose to do it. One of our regular places to serve is at Evergreen Initiatives Place of Peace in Stevens Point, Wis. We provide the meal and serve it together, inviting our team members to bring the whole family along to serve. It’s a wonderful way to get to know each other’s families and to be unified in serving a community together. 

According to an article titled Why Companies Volunteer,* the following statistics demonstrate that many employees feel positive about volunteering together at their company:

  • 73% of employees wish their companies would do more to support a social or environmental cause or issue.
  • Three out of four employees want to get involved with their company’s cause-related efforts through company-sponsored days of service.
  • The second most important driver of employee engagement in the United States is an organization’s reputation in the community.
  • Companies with the highest levels of employee engagement see more than a 19% average annual increase in their operating income.

The article goes on to list some of the benefits of volunteering together. These include:

  • Leadership and skills development
  • Team building
  • Loyalty and retention
  • Employee recruitment
  • Public reputation
  • Stronger community

We are not self-serving in our motives, meaning, we don’t volunteer to make ourselves look good or to entice people to our company culture. Instead, our goal is to be genuine in the culture that we show when we serve together, the image we portray on social media, and the way we really are as a team when we’re together at work. We learn by serving. We discover new things about each other. We learn how to appreciate each other’s strengths and abilities. 

Volunteering together is our opportunity to practice our mission and values together. 

Striving to honor God in all we do, helping people develop, pursuing excellence while growing profitably.

Everyone is welcome. Nobody is perfect. Anything is possible. 

We are a company grounded in the values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, Integrity, Social Responsibility and Thankfulness.

This is a reflection of how we conduct our business and how we care for our employees – our greatest asset.

*Article in New York Cares –