The Natural CO2 Cycle of Trees

Contrary to what we might think, harvesting old trees and planting new ones can increase the absorption of carbon. According to an article in Pallet Enterprise, the natural cycle of CO2 in trees follows this pattern: 

1. Young trees absorb carbon rapidly.

2. Mature trees absorb carbon slowly.

3. Decaying trees and fires release carbon.

4. Carbon is reabsorbed into new trees.

As we use older wood to harvest for packaging products such as pallets, we make room for new trees to be planted. By removing trees that absorb carbon slowly, and replacing them with ones that absorb it rapidly, we can create a positive effect on the environment. CO2 is one of several greenhouse gasses that humans contribute to the environment faster than the natural systems of the planet can absorb. By harvesting wood and using it for products, and by using recycled wood instead of fossil fuels, we can help to increase the absorption of excess CO2.