Biomass Sourced from US Forests Is Sustainable, Affordable, and Low in Carbon

This video from the U.S. Industrial Pellet Association, does a great job of explaining the reasons behind claims that burning wood pellets is actually helpful for forests. It also explains why it is better for the environment than burning fossil fuels. Pellets provide a way to use low-grade wood that would otherwise have no usefulness anymore. And, in comparision to burning the wood itself, versus burning it in the form of wood pellets, the pellets produce less carbon.

Because Hay Creek premium wood fuel pellets are made from recycled pallets, this is even more efficient. The pallets used for our pellets are free from harmful chemicals, which make them a safe source of repurposed wood. All nails are removed through a multi-step process that leaves us with clean wood mulch that is ready to be made into pellets.