Hay Creek Mulch, a Quality Landscaping and Gardening Product

If you’re wondering what makes Hay Creek wood mulch stand out above the rest, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider becoming one of our mulch distributors:

Made on site with quick turnaround

  • We manufacture our own mulch, controlling our inventory and product consistency. This also allows us to offer this premium mulch at the best price possible.
  • We own our own trucking company, which means we are both the mulch manufacturer and the transporter of the product. This allows us short lead times (often same day).

Clean, quality hardwood

  • Our mulch is 100% virgin hardwood. Many suppliers use whatever they can find, including pine, recycled pallets and other scrap material (often including nails, plastic, and other foreign matter).
  • Our mulch is double shredded which helps mitigate displacement from wash out or high winds.
  • Our mulch is always placed on hard surface not on soft ground. This means clean mulch for you and your customers.

Safe for the environment and your familiy

  • We color our mulch using the best dye on the market (Colorbiotics). This colorant is safe for the environment testing lower in toxicity than table salt and baking soda.
  • We use the prescribed amount of dye, applying 3 to 3.5 lbs per yard. With a very price-sensitive product like mulch, the natural inclination is to cut corners, but we don’t.
  • We make our mulch fresh every spring and only under ideal conditions, no leftovers.

Our Wisconsin mulch suppliers include: garden centers, nurseries, landscaping and lawn care businesses, excavating companies, hardware stores, building centers, stone companies, construction businesses and more.

If you’re looking for mulch for one of your home landscaping or gardening projects, we’re happy to direct you toward one of our distributors. Check out the list on the dealer page. 

Thank you for your support of a local Wisconsin mulch manufacturer!