Pellets Edge Cut Wood in Convenience

Pellet stove or wood stove. If you’re considering both for your home, you may be looking for some concrete input to help with your decision. Overall there are good reasons for both, and your situation will determine which is best for you. If you don’t have access to standing wood to cut and split, or you don’t want to spend weekends cutting and stacking, then bags of wood pellets is conveinient. A pellet hopper will typically hold one bag of pellets, which will last appooximately 24 hours if burned continuosly. 

At 40 pounds each, a bag of pellets is relatively easy to lift and pour into a hopper, and it needs to be “stoked” only once per day. It’s also clean and doesn’t introduce bugs and critters to your home. Carrying one bag in daily, versus carrying multiple armloads of wood in several times per day, can be a deciding factor for some users. 

Reasons to burn pellets

If you’re looking for a more scientific review of wood heat versus pellet heat, we suggest an article from Essential Home and Garden. We think pellet stoves are an excellent choice, but we’re probably a little biased. Remember that all prices given in the article are based on averages, and prices in your area may vary significantly. Always do your own research with local suppliers before committing to installing a stove.