Production Records Increase with Storti Freedom Machine

Since installing the new Storti Freedom nailing machine, our crew has been working on building up to the rate the machine is capable of. On a great day, that machine can make up to 300 pallets per hour, which means Hay Creek Pallet can meet the needs of customers even faster than before.

Storti Freedom Nailing Machine


Breaking Production Records 

In May, our Storti team reached a goal of building 2000 pallets in one 10-hour shift. We know that’s just the beginning of more record-breaking days! As production continues to increase, Hay Creek Pallet will continue to be able to serve its customers with fast, and high-quality production of wood pallets in all sizes. With the computerized system, Hay Creek can make pallets in custom sizes, specific to a customer’s needs.  

Hay Creek Pallet also refurbishes and recycles broken pallets, and repairs commercial pallets as well. What can’t be repaired is turned into wood mulch for landscaping and animal bedding, and it is also used for wood pellets for heating.