Q&A with Tom Gardner in Pallet Enterprise Magazine

Q: What is one thing you do at your company that is different from other pallet companies?

A: Since joining C12 in 2012 my whole life and business perspective has changed. Our business is our ministry; everything else is secondary. Keeping that perspective is not always easy. Since it is not my business, only God can provide, and he always does, not always how I expect. I have prayed for Him to send who he wants to work here and take out those he does not. Keeping in mind it is also on His timing and not mine.

We also engage with Corporate Chaplains of America. Robert Terrell is our chaplain, and he visits every week and is building relationships with everyone here. He is a humble servant and often spends time and prays with our people. We also have two Bible studies here per week. We use a storytelling method which is very effective and engaging. It has been incredible to see the growth that is evident in the people that attend and how those that don’t attend are affected, as the meetings are not mandatory. We are always encouraged to pray with and for everyone in the business.

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