Reasons to Burn Pellets for Heat

Sometimes, a little information can help consumers make a decisions about their heating needs. Often, people picture companies going into the forest and harvesting fresh trees to make wood pellets. The truth is quite the opposite! Wood pellets must be made from extremely dry wood, and the most efficient way to dry it is to use wood that has been used already for some other purpose first. Pallets are a terrific example of this!

Industries will continue to use wood pallets for shipping, since wood wins when it comes to eco-friendliness. But what happens when they can no longer be repaired? There was a time when that wood from broken pallets and containers was disposed of in a giant bonfire. But, that isn’t the case anymore! With the emergence of alternative uses, including mulch, bedding and pellets, we have a use for this wood that has naturally dried while it was in circulation. 

Here’s why those wood pellets make an even better heat source than a load of fuel oil:

  1. One ton of wood pellets has the energy equivalency of 2.8 barrels of #2 fuel oil. (Energy Information Administration)
  2. Direct thermal conversion of 3 million tons of wood pellets displaces the equivalent of almost 8.5 million barrels of #2 fuel oil. That is 356 million gallons!  (Energy Information Administration)
  3. Direct thermal conversion of pellets has an efficiency level of approximately 80%.
  4. Pellet stoves have extremely low particulate emissions due to their high burn efficiency and the density of the fuel. (Environmental Protection Agency)
  5. Hay Creek Pellets are made from wood that would otherwise be wasted!

All of the pallets we use are safe for burning, and have not been chemically treated. All nails are removed through a multi-step magnetic process, which means, our customers have high-quality, low-moisture pellets to keep them warm all winter long.