Spring Cleaning: Have you cleaned your pellet stove?

It’s the end of the winter heating season, a time when many home owners are eager to get outside and begin yard work. As the weather warms up and spring fever hits, it’s easy to forget to give your pellet stove an end-of-season cleaning, especially if you live in Wisconsin and you’ve been waiting in case you need to light it one more time. Spring comes gradually in central Wisconsin and areas north! A little preventive maintenance will ensure it’s in tip-top shape for the next heating season. 

This article gives some fantastic tips for cleaning your pellet stove: Pellet Stove Maintenance

Here are a few tips to remember for spring cleaning of your pellet stove:

  • Clean any leftover pellets out of the hopper. Leaving them in place will attract moisture and potentially rust the metal.
  • Thoroughly clean the stove pipe vent. A cleaning brush kit is handy!
  • Empty the ash bin, clean the exchanger, and vacuum out the ash inside the stove. A metal ash vacuum is smart to have for cleaning when the stove is both cold or hot. 
  • Scrape away and built up ash or clinkers in the burn pot.
  • Clean the glass with fireplace glass cleaner. 
  • Wash the outside of the stove with a rag and mild soapy water. 
  • Store any unused bags of Hay Creek premium wood pellets in a dry place for use in the fall. 

Bonus tip: Don’t forget your work gloves! You’ll thank us for that tip later.